Friday, February 20, 2009


More beautiful than plastic credit cards
Or self procured
Destroy it yourself greeting cards
Sun dried

In the openness
Of surgical appliance pink
Or phsychedelic dots
Of the mold infested sink

I precede you
In fake cottony snow
Made wet by drool
And dried meat of confisticated cows

Your cyclopean gaze
Marred by redness
And allergies to furry gauze
Along with sweet expired water cresses

Festive colours made
You ill
Lamb kebabs with frosted cake
If you ill

Platonic insurance money recedes
Like chewed
Bubblegum beads
Sports shoe skewered

I’ll supercede cue
Cards and phone calls
With puke
That looks like waterfalls

Year end greetings
Likes mites
It itches And stings
Like Bayan’s lecherous

Come and share
What have you
Lips pared
Or voice mute?

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